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Jordan "Let's go" Higginbotam 
Hey Pastor!! just wanted to let you know whats been going on with me. On Monday afternoon I gave myself a mini panic attack of shortness of breath nothing major, but i ended up developing a mild case of anxiety where I focus on my breathing instead of just breathing naturally.  Without paying attention to it I basically have took on a bad habit of breathing and I just need to break the cycle. That's all, I am not scared or think I am going to die its just annoying to deal with. As I have had mild symptoms such as racing heart being unable to sleep and a bit of being unable to eat.
None of this has ever happened to me before and I know that once I beat it it won't be coming back. I prayed to God for my healing and my parents have been amazing helping to get over this. I still play basketball and enjoy everything I love to do, its just again really annoying to deal with for now. But I just wanted to let you know how i was doing, because you are my favorite pastor and I love what not only you have done for me and my family but other people as well I hope to hear from you soon!
from Jordan - I made straight A's this past semester 2011
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